We make technology alive!

We have a specialized team in creating world-class user experience that will achieve the purpose of your product to meet and even exceed your goals.

Our user experience development process start with understanding the valuable position, define the problem, user persona and all possible usage scenarios to achieve high level satisfaction and top quality and keep doing this iteratively.

How are you positioning yourself online? What is your online strategy? What do you need for this kind of website or software?

In online branding we watch you must present your website or software and this means successfully include the proper use of social media and search engine optimization.


Startappz’s Research & Development division came to life to safeguard our mission of pushing our boundaries further, and not merely producing high quality software.

While most businesses are cutting down on R&D spending, we feel that our investment in practical and provable research gives us the edge in an ever the changing technical landscape.

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Behind a good design will hear good technique. At Startappz we programm for any kind of job.

Whether it is an online store or software, we always try the latest techniques and ensure that integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.

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Our method

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A designer designs where the online strategy comes forward and indicates the direction of the entire project.

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Discuss developing techniques and link design to the technique for the completion of the project.

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Matching outcomes with objective of the iteration on tuning results to be top quality & bug –free!

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Completion of the iteration and the initiation of the next one to go again into design phase