“Our job is to imagine and develop fascinating Mobile, Social & Web Applications.

Our Applications

  • DoNations

    DoNations is a complete solution for smartphones and tablets, connecting several hospitals and donors to one system. It manages blood banks logistics and uses GPS to find donors locations with a rewarding system that encourages donors to be a part of the process. Coming soon. Apps under the same category

  • Diabetes Test

    Helps detecting type 2 diabetes at an early stage by asking different questions relating to its main symptoms.

  • Vanilla e-Shop

    Vanilla eShop is a product by eCommerceSea, a Startappz sister company, that targets the women interested in fashion and style in Arabia. Vanilla eShop is only available on web, with Startappz onboard, it has developed the mobile app for it to accommodate the high demand coming from the smartphone users. Apps under the same category

  • Haddaf

    Up-to-date news, player stats and a week-to-week worldwide matches and even more!

  • Easy Charge

    Need to charge up your phone line? Just scan the prepaid charging card and let Easy Charge do the rest.

  • Business Model Generation

    Business Model Generation is a book written by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur for startup founders, game changers, and visionaries. It has been translated to Arabic to provide the needed knowledge for Middle Eastern businesses. Startappz helped launch the book for the Arab world with an online-offline strategy that included digital ad campaigns, promotional videos,

  • Vanilla Sizing App دليل المقاسات العالميـة

    Vanilla Sizing App is an application to help out shoppers find out their sizes, exchange between different international sizings, and get advice on the type of clothes that would look better.   دليل المقاسات العالمية هو دليل مقدم من متجر فانيلا ليكون رفيقك في الأسواق ليساعدك على معرفة مقاسات ملابسك، أحذيتك وخواتمك بناء على وحدات

  • Skyscreen

    Skyscreen is a leading provider of VOD solutions and management tools. Skyscreen provides technology and professional service solutions to content producers, broadcasters, and service providers seeking to deliver consumer video services over multiple devices through the Internet. Skyscreen is considered one of the best intuitive UI and effective monetization tools provided.

  • Karkerni

    Karkerni is a fun social app designed to create short animated videos to share with your friends and family. Coming soon.

What we do

We Develop Mobile, Social, and Web Apps

Our team designs and develops Mobile, Social, and Web Applications for different technologies and different platforms, ranging from iOS and Android applications for mobile, to Facebook apps and websites.

We Publish Interactive Magazines.

Our dedicated team of e-publishing experts create beautiful magazines with interactive designs and great content.

We Launch Result Oriented Digital Ad Campaigns

Our team of creatives and marketers create well measured digital advertising campaigns for a number of notable clients in different industries ranging from telecommunication companies to smart governments.


Partners & Clients

Partners & Clients
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